The Capital Campaign: A New Place for Play

Wonderscope has launched a capital campaign to build a new museum — and we’ve dedicated these pages to informing the community about it. In this Capital Campaign section, you can read about the campaign; make a tax-deductible contribution; read about why Kansas City deserves and needs a premier children’s museum; and see the list of exhibits.  

Visitors to the NEW Wonderscope will explore the many crossroads that have helped define Kansas City. Our rivers and railways; cultural crossroads; food, sports and music; and more will all be amplified throughout the museum.   

Young explorers and their families will find an array of new indoor and outdoor experiences – all built on the idea that learning through play is productive fun.  A true “Wonderscope” will allow each visitor to experience the world in new and exciting ways!

What is a Children’s Museum?

A children’s museum is about the future.  It’s a place of possibilities and promise – the very heart of the community where we nurture our future leaders: dreamers, scientists, farmers, artists, engineers, teachers, musicians, and more.

A children’s museum is about learning. It is a family place where visitors learn about themselves, each other and the world they live in through exploration, interaction, role-play, and direct experiences.

A children’s museum considers the whole child with exhibits and programs that foster growth.  It’s a partner in the learning continuum, and complements the educational system.

Finally, a children’s museum is a resource for teachers, parents and caregivers. It serves as a wonderful meeting place for young and old alike. Well-designed exhibits invite adults to become active partners in the museum experience.

Why A New Children’s Museum?

Wonderscope will break the traditional museum mold. Rather than a place where people engage in quiet, careful contemplation, like other children’s museums we’re a bit noisy with a happy hum of learning.  Families of all ethnicities, social groups, cultures and religions can come together and learn. 

Wonderscope is comfortable, safe, fun, and full of opportunity!

Join the community of contributors who are helping build a fun, fully accessible, state-of-the-art Wonderscope!