Imagine the Possibilities

What is a Children’s Museum?

A children’s museum is about the future.  It’s a place of possibilities and promise – the very heart of the community where we nurture our future leaders: dreamers, scientists, farmers, artists, engineers, teachers, musicians, and more.

A children’s museum is about learning. It is a family place where visitors learn about themselves, each other and the world they live in through exploration, interaction, role-play, and direct experiences.

A children’s museum considers the whole child with exhibits and programs that foster growth.  It’s a partner in the learning continuum, and complements the educational system.

Finally, a children’s museum is a resource for teachers, parents and caregivers. It serves as a wonderful meeting place for young and old alike. Well-designed exhibits invite adults to become active partners in the museum experience.

Why A New Children’s Museum?

Wonderscope will break the traditional museum mold. Rather than a place where people engage in quiet, careful contemplation, like other children’s museums we’re a bit noisy with a happy hum of learning.  Families of all ethnicities, social groups, cultures and religions can come together and learn. 

Wonderscope is comfortable, safe, fun, and full of opportunity!

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