A New Experience

A New Experience

Learn, play, and grow with us! The new Wonderscope will be a place of possibilities — where children can learn through exploration, interaction, role-play and direct experiences.  Dynamic indoor and outdoor spaces will offer the latest in children’s museum attractions while adhering to Kansas City’s history, culture and traditions. 

The museum will be self-guided, and featuring a child-centered, no-failure philosophy. It will be a place for co-education where adults and children will learn, play and grow together.

Every exhibit and visitor experience will encourage guests to explore, create and discover.

Joyful fun along with real learning will be a museum highlight.  Running, jumping, painting, drawing, splashing, listening, sharing, singing, computing – so much to do that children will ask to come back again and again!

The Team

Exhibit Design: Haizlip Studio, MIG Portico, and Paul Orselli Workshop

Architect: Haizlip Studio

Owner’s Rep: CBRE

General Contractor: McCownGordon

Art Room (3) 5.2.18