Our Exhibits


With young children, creating a specific art product is not as beneficial as experimenting with the process of making art. ARTWorks is intentionally open-ended so that children learn how to develop their own creativity and art skills. By providing a variety of materials without specific instructions, children are free to experiment. ARTWorks is typically stocked with washable paint, collage supplies, chalk, face paint and magnetic shapes.


Farm to Market

In our Farm to Market exhibit, children use pretend play to learn about life on a farm and the origin of the foods they eat and then shop for the items they need. Children may play in the barn, hoist hay bales, harvest honey from the beehive or collect eggs from the chickens.  They can then visit the Farmers Market and Market and “shop” for the produce and food they need for home.


The H2Oh! exhibit is designed to let children learn about the properties of water through fun, interactive play. It features two stations where children and their families can experiment with flowing, squirting, splashing, spraying, sinking and floating. Aprons and towels are available for this interactive and wet STEM learning experience


Small Wonders

The Small Wonders room is designed for children from 6 months to 2 years of age. The exhibit includes a variety of textures, grades and toys designed to allow crawlers and early walkers to manipulate, climb, creep, crawl, play, and discover in an environment designed especially for them.


The Raceways exhibit invites children and adults to play with gravity, energy and motion as they send golf balls on various journeys. Children and their grown-ups will send golf balls through ski jumps, loops and spirals or through custom built build-your-own raceways.


Baby Nursery

Our Baby Nursery provides ample opportunities for interactive learning as children pretend to care for baby dolls using durable medical play items including a scale, bassinets, thermometers, otoscopes and more. Baby Nursery encourages early interest in science and creative role-playing.

Ready Vet Go

Ready, Vet Go! teaches children about the importance of pet ownership and care. In this kid-sized veterinary clinic, families can play and learn the role of veterinarian, groomer, trainer and pet owner. Kids come in, put on their vet coat and stethoscope, grab the clip board and use x-rays and ‘real’ tools to restore their animal back to health.



Tinker Space provides an array of different building materials and blocks to allow little hands to create structures and contraptions in an exciting environment. Tinker Space is also the home to Amazing Airways a free standing jumble of connected tubes. Children feed colored balls and scarves  into the starting box, where a fast-moving air current pushes them through a series of twists and turns until the balls and scarves emerge to drift back to earth. Visitors can use valves to change the airflow, teaching children about pneumatics and movement.

Wonder Gym

Come climb, slide, rock, balance or build!  It’s all in the Wonder Gym ready for kids to explore.


Wonder Why Garden

The “Wonder Why Garden” teaches children by connecting them to an exciting world of plants to foster a love of nature. We encourage families to visit the garden to see nature at its best.

The “Little Free Library” is a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share!